• First flamenco guitar course in the heart of the flamenco world.

  • A complete comprehensive
    FULL WEEK” flamenco experience with the authentic masters.

  • Registration, reception and             flamenco jam!
    Sunday, June 7 at 9 PM

  • Course schedule
    Monday, June 8 - Saturday 13, 2020

TOCA JEREZ is the first-of-its-kind flamenco course for guitarists of all levels and genres that will take place June 7-13, in Jerez de la Frontera in southern Spain, birthplace of numerous great flamenco artist, at Calle Nueva #9, at La Bodega de Pelé y María.

The week will kick off with registration on Sunday, June 7, followed by a welcoming juerga (party-jam) that night.

The course is being organized by the great flamenco and classical guitarist, Adam del Monte, international concert and recording artist and professor of flamenco and classical guitar at the University of Southern California, for 20 years.

TOCA JEREZ is designed to provide the students with a comprehensive, immersive musical and cultural experience. Flamenco is an art form that is traditionally learned by osmosis and direct experience. The world of flamenco can be quite secluded and inaccessible, but in this course you will be surrounded by flamenco artists that will share their talent and knowledge by having the opportunity of learning and living the art of flamenco in an intensive week-long framework.

Registration information:

  • Early reservation by May 1st =  650 Euros, or 550 Euros if you pay cash at the door.

  • Reservation after May 1st =  750 Euros. 


*** If you pay cash at the door you only pay 550 Euros if you have reserved before May 1st!! ***

Reserve your seat:

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Hotel information:
El Coloso is a nice, quiet hotel near the center of town that is affordable, neat, and has air-conditioning! Prices are between 40-60 Euros a night for double beds or 2 beds. 

Hotel reservation:
Address: Calle Pedro Alonso 13, 11402 Jerez, Spain
Tel:          +34-956 34 90 08

Daily Class Schedule:

     10:00 a.m. - Noon

  1. Beginners
    For guitarists who have experience with flamenco on a rudimentary level. You will focus on technique fundamentals, as well as learning classic falsetas (musical patterns) and compases (rhythms) that will help build your skills and understanding.                                                      h                                                                                                                   12:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.hhhh

  2. Intermediate-Advanced

For guitarists with more experience and ability to execute more   

complex repertoire.        

      2:30 p.m. - 4:00 pm.

      Lunch & Siesta


      4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m

  3. Cante accompaniment

This class is to impart solid fundamentals to all students by going in   depth in a single palo (flamenco form). This year, Soleá will be taught by master accompanist Pepe "El Morao," from the legendary "Morao" clan. He will specifically teach you how to accompany and recognize many different styles of Soleá cante, including: Soleá de Alcalá, Soleá de Jerez, Soleá de Triana, and more. You will be working with a singer who is well versed in all the different styles of Soleá. Although this is an advanced class, all are welcome to audit or quietly follow along. Maestro del Monte will be there to translate and explain everything. Next year's class will focus on Alegrías.


      6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. 

  4. Introduction to Flamenco Guitar for Non-Flamenco Guitarists

Flamenco is now becoming more of a mainstream genre, just as Bossa Nova and Latin guitar did in the past. The idea behind this class is to expose guitarists from other genres to the passion, complexity and excitement that flamenco offers and to see how it can enhance and inform your existing level and style of playing. If you are a guitarist who is proficient in jazz, rock, blues, classical or other guitar styles, you will learn the fundamental building blocks of flamenco. These include various rhythmic forms (compases), along with flamenco scales and harmony, with an emphasis on the flamenco Rumba. We will be joined by bass player and guitarist Jorge Gomez, who has played and recorded with all the major flamenco pop artists of the last 30 years, ranging from Diego Carrasco, Navajita Plateá, Reymundo “Pata Negra” and many more. His expertise in the crossover world of flamenco with other styles will help you build a stylistic and practical bridge.

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Jerez is a beautiful small city with a quaint downtown area that is bustling with great restaurants and flamenco clubs. Aside from visiting these clubs and seeing professional flamenco artists first-hand in performance, we will also have the opportunity to have our own in-house flamenco party with singers and dancers as a way of learning the art form while having fun.

Sanlucar de Barrameda is a town about a half hour bus ride from Jerez. The beaches are beautiful and the food is fantastic. We are very close to Cádiz and Puerto de Santa María, where there are more beaches and restaurants.

This flamenco course will provide you with the ideal learning environment with structured instruction in English, and or English translation whenever necessary. You will get a direct experience of the life-style and culture for further context and appreciation, something that cannot be acquired in any university or classroom setting.

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